We are walking-  actually we are sprinting….  My step-daughter trips over a case of beer in the street next to a couple of guys who looked like they had walked out of a Lil’ Wayne video.  They growled and then “Hey Girled” her. NICE!  We then side step two pit-bulls on our way past some vomit and  piles of trash on the street.  The air was thick with alcohol, urine and trash.  It was almost 11pm.  We had left the concert portion of the festival early because of the growing masses of drunken nerds and degenerates in the streets surrounding the fair grounds.

This was not the family event I was hoping for.  The Old Towne Spring Crawfish Festival was not a place to have your children after dark or your wife for that matter.

I am a little frustrated.  Not as much as when  I went off on Grey’s Anatomy–  but still frustrated.  I was at the Texas Crawfish Festival yesterday.  Overall I had a good time with the people I went with.  That being said-  we could have  all gone out for pots at Blue Fish and gone to see a good local band at POs for less money and felt safer.

Don’t get me wrong-  I have no problems with walking into the middle of a good old fashioned street party.  People drinking and music pumping.   I sometimes enjoy the energy.  I loved my college days on Sixth Street and Northgate.  I enjoyed the occasional trip to New Orleans as much as anybody.  I have even done New Year’s Eve in  Time’s Square.

The issue I have  is with Spring’s Crawfish Festival and the city/coordinators lack of planning, law enforcement and crowd control.  The event is touted as a family friendly celebration of mud-bugs, beer and great live music.  The fact is the event resembled a disorganized New Orleans Mardi Gras bash.  I saw frighteningly few law enforcement officials for the thousands of people attending the event and there seemed to be no focus on crowd control.

The streets were crowded beyond control with trash, people and vendors acting more like this was a carnival than a family event.  “Half Price Ritas!” and “Get Your Drink ON!” was chanted loudly from a megaphone in front of a local store front turned bar.  I was reminded of Cancun…  It was sad.

Olde Town Spring is a place that may be commercial, but is rooted in small  town values.  To see this center for crafts, antiques and home cooking turn into a dirty cesspool was sad.  It was apparent that the festival had stopped being about a home town celebration and opening of a community and had turned into a money making frenzy where allowing people and business to run a muck was more important than values.

I will say that Charlie Robison was awesome.  He is always good and should be listened to whenever beer is involved (ANYTIME).

Charlie Robison - Spring Crawfish Festival

Charlie Robison - Spring Crawfish Festival 2010

So-  we will not be back until Spring decides to clean up the festival and make the party more like a fair and less like a weekend on Bourbon St.

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