Do NOT change your shoe type while training or racing:   I put on a pair of full-blown Nike running shoes this week thinking that if I mixed it up and did not use my Vibram Five- I would be doing myself a favor.  This is not good.  I almost tweaked my foot during my run and my whole gate was messed up.  I do not recommend trying to change your gear.  It may work if you go to another minimal shoe, but not to a different system all-together.


Running in your Aerobic Zone to build your Aerobic Base is HARD:  This is a huge ego check.  I dropped 2 minutes off my miles. I felt like I could have run for another 30 minutes which is nice, but I also had to slow down and speed walk from time to time just to stay in my zone.  I also got frustrated and booked it for my last mile, which I just researched and found out was bad.  I am required to stay in my zone which is under 150 BPM.  I can do damage to my base building if I do not do this.  So I have to run slow for a couple of months and I should see good results.  My times will increase as my heart rate stays in the zone.


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