I have decided to begin a post each week of the top 5 best links I have come across.  I hope that the information will focus on leadership.  Some of this will focus on SEO and Social Networking.  Here is the best of what’s around:

  1. Email Etiquette 101 –  Great Article by Michael Hyatt on how you should deal with email.
  2. Why Your 4,243,564 Twitter Followers Don’t Mean Jack – Perfect examples of how people push one way on web 2.0
  3. Why Google Employees Quit – Shocking info on what everyone thinks is a great place to work!
  4. 21 Dumbest Moves in Business 2009 – Interesting slideshow on 2009 business gaffs
  5. Make 2010 the Year of Execution – Open Forums talk about how 2010 should be about doing not talking

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