I have now come to the conclusion that teaching my body to run extreme distances is going to hurt.  The benefit I am feeling from the exercise and the peace of mind I get form the mental dedication to the task out-weighs the physical sacrifice.  Here are the areas of moderate pain I have discovered from running that I should have thought about but did not know when I started:


The Wrong Kind of Calf!

  • Blisters on my big toes-  They are large and can be painful.  I have to use athletic tape when I run.  This may be a function of running in Vibrams and using a barefoot running technique.
  • Calf pain-  This was severe in my first few weeks as I taught my body to run barefoot and not to heel strike.  The pain is little to nothing at this point, but I am only pushing 4 miles a run.
  • Sore nipples –  This is new.  Again-  something I should have considered seeing as I have a shirt rubbing my chest for the better part of an hour at a time.  I am not sure how to combat this outside of buying pasties with cool tassels.

So far this is as bad as it has gotten.  I have what feels like a high-ankle sprain as well.  Not painful, but there is discomfort.  I am going to take a day off and do some core work tonight and then hit the road again tomorrow.  I am using http://runkeeper.com on my iPhone to track my runs.  It is not perfect, but uses GPS and gives me a fairly accurate idea of how long and far I am running.  So far I am making progress and that is what counts.  The goal this week is to hit at least one more 4 mile runs and then push for a 6 mile run over the weekend.  I will post my schedule of training soon.

I am looking at running a marathon in the first part of 2012 and my brother and I are pushing for the Tough Mudder in January. http://toughmudder.com/events/texas-coast/ so I have some goals!


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