These are the core pillars of how I lead and what I expect from my team.  By understanding who I am, I hope to be a more effective leader.  By allowing my team to understand who I am, I hope to create better communication.

  • Personal Accountability:  Leadership must have personal accountability at its core or there is no authenticity. Leaders who do not accept the credit for their actions, both good and bad, are not able to gain trust from their teams or bosses.
  • Balance: Leaders must understand what their core beliefs are and determine what balance they need in life.  For leaders to focus on nothing but work ,there will be great spiritual loss and tremendous burn-out.  Leaders should be the same person when no one is looking, when their kids are watching and when they are in a meeting with their team.
  • Continual Learning: It is critical  that learning be a lifelong endeavor.  Learning should come through many avenues.  Experience, books, social groups and classes are all great ways to continue learning.  When a leader stops trying to find other avenues for their development and success, the leader will begin to falter.