Inspire–  to arouse the mind to special or unusual activity and creativity

As a leader, when you are prepared to direct your team, make sure you take the time to inspire them and not talk-down to them.  Leaders inspire.  Look at the word ‘inspire’.  The humanityquest.com breaks down the etymology of the word  like this:  In + Spirare – to breathe, conveying the idea of motion or direction.

To direct with your breath-  to breathe into someone a direction.  We as humans make a huge deal about our breath.  About someone’s last breath, wasting our breath or a breath of fresh air… As leaders, we should understand that every breath we give to our team should be about direction-INSPIRATION.

Inspirational Leadership

Onions for Lunch!

Just remember the next time  you are talking to a team member or your group and you need to provide direction or criticism, be inspirational not someone’s dad.  We all have fathers and mothers.  No one ever succeeded in life because of what their folks told them- it was how their parents inspired them, nurtured them and lead them by example.