I will openly admit that I thought Grey’s Anatomy was a good show in its first couple of seasons.  The show actually had the potential to morph into something like ER or Hill Street Blues.  What has happened in the last couple of years is sad and I can basically sum up the plot of EVERY show with this template:

  • Someone has sex
  • Someone wants to have sex with somebody they should not
  • People cry
  • Someone dies
  • One of the main characters is struggling with a life changing decision
  • Someone hides or wanders off to be alone
  • Selfish doctors turn patient illness into a window to their own messed up issues
  • More crying
  • Long pauses in conversations
  • The guy doctors drink and everyone meets at a bar
  • More crying
  • Someone tries not to cry
  • Absurdly dramatic conversations happen with the main characters and total stangers
  • More crying
  • Sex to close the show
  • My wife and all her women friends cry as they Facebook about how good the show was

If you read this post-  you will NEVER need to watch the show.  Don’t worry I get the concept of the show.  This show serves the same purpose that 24 serves for men.  I know 24 is not  a good show anymore. But- if I want to watch an hour of short conversation, people getting blown up and Jack Bauer makin it happen like a bad ass-  I know where  to go.

Grey's Anatomy

Our Show Sucks So Bad, Booo-Hooo!

Same concept for Grey’s-  I know women need to cry and watch people that should have their business together make a complete train wreck of their lives.  I get it.

So guys-  next time you have a choice…  do the dishes, fix the drain or change diapers before subjecting yourself to this emotional tar pit on television. Steer clear of this hour of emoting with 20 minutes of commercials.  It is ridiculous and should be put down before it spreads bad plot, questionable morals and outright crappy acting any further than Private Practice (Craptice)