BAM!  It hurt…  I was sucking wind.  The kids stood over me and watched as Geremy had punched me in the stomach.  It was quiet as I felt the pain explode and I tried to grasp for air.  I was 9 and I was fat.  I had spent many summers eating crap at my grandma’s and watching television instead of playing with my friends in Houston.  I was last to get picked for wall ball and first to get punched for being… well- fat.  So I did what any kid would do in this situation.  I made fun of the kids that would hit me.  Be funny or die, right.

This strategy worked really well for me until I hit my late 20’s when being funny is not as good as being thin. With cancer and heart disease in my family and a desire to find a pretty, fun and motivated woman to spend my time with, it was time to make a change.  I lost some weight, got married and then proceeded to get fat- again.  I was not as fat as I used to be, but fat.  240 in college, 225 after being married, raising a daughter and having another kid.

I spent the last 2 years losing weight and getting healthy.  I am down to 175 pounds, but I realized something.  As I am pushing into my mid 30’s I have not had the kind of life altering, perspective creating, get hard type of event in my life that makes me a better man.  Sure, I have had my share of struggles and some have been pretty tough.  But, I need to know what I can push myself to do before life pushes me and I am forced to find some new steel.

I have decided to train to run an Ultra Marathon.  Not 20 or 30 or 40 miles- but 50.  I have only started running in the last year and I have never done it for any reason except when being chased, playing flag football or suffering through a calorie burn.  Short of taking a beating in a ring with some MMA guy or a pugilist of imposing stature, I can think of nothing that will test my steel and force me to find a place to dig into and man up.

So- here I am…. After having just read Born to Run and sporting a month old pair of Vibrams, I am looking to push myself past the mental image of the fat kid I still see in myself and become the kind of man I can be proud of.  The kind of man that knows how to dig in and come up for more after taking a punch in the gut.  Here I go…  documenting this journey.

Time to Go Be Fat Somewhere Else.


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