It is very rainy and I had been driving for almost 2 hours.  I had to go to DFW yesterday for a meeting.  I have found that a great way to pass the time in my car is to listen to audio books.  This is not a secret.  What my be a secret is the public library has a ton of audio books.  I have been running through their catalog as fast as I can listen.  I have killed two books in two weeks.

My latest slaughter was Leadership Therapy:  Inside the Mind of Microsoft. All in all a clinical study- but effective in certain areas.  Here is where I found the most interesting information:  Belief Systems.

At our core-  we all have beliefs driven by our experiences.  As leaders it is our job to identify what events shaped our lives and how those became beliefs.  Once we know what happened and how events  formed us-  we need to communicate those beliefs to our teams, families and through our online personas.

I have drafted a list of events that defined me.  I will begin to post those and address how each one has changed me as a person and a leader.  Once I have completed my exercise, I will translate that information to my leadership manifesto that I will post on my Bio.

Posted as a Proclamation

My beliefs may change over time-  I HOPE they change-  but at least this way-  I do not have to wonder about why I feel a certain way about a topic.  I will not have to try and explain where I am coming from to others on my team and to my bosses.  I will have a clear manifesto of what I believe and everyone can see it.  This will be challenging-  difficult to grasp and one of the most important things I have done.    If you can do it-  I recommend getting started on your own.  Feel free to comment, follow or share.