What's in a name?

What's in a name?

The name of the Service Desk alone sheds light on the perception of itself and how others look at it.  “Service” denotes something much different than a group designed to be the front line for the face of your company.  In a managed services support model, the remote support center will be the most important factor in driving down costs for flat fee clients.

A name should be considered that gives the members a reason to provide exceptional customer support.  Naming the “Support Desk” the “Care Center” could accomplish this goal.   “Care Center” provides a whole new way for the remote support personnel to see their group.  In building a Service Desk, there should be considerable thought put into how it is named.   Promoting a positive face for the Center and expressing that posisitve image to the clients who call in for help should be examined as an important function for the creation of any Service Desk.   Living up to the name of “CARE CENTER” will provide value for years to the leadership of your firm and the remote support team who work in that group.

Check out Help Desk Institute as a foundation for building your support center.

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