mazeWhenever our team has attended a Connectwise event, we are often looked at as if we are strange alien creatures because our firm actually uses the workflow rules.  The workflow rules within the application are a little clunky, but their power is the factor that will take your service team to the next level.  We have found that by automating certain processes, the return is not only found in saving time, but creating processes because we know what the expected outcome will be each time an event happens.  Let me walk you through an item I love and one that I find very limiting.

I will assume you all have figured out SLAs and Agreements and how all of those play into the execution of workflow rules.  If you have not and I get enough feedback- I will be happy to discuss this in another blog.


  • Change Board Action- Whenever a criteria is met, the action is set for the board to change.  We use this rule for a couple of very important reasons.  We have a Service board that is monitored for incoming issues.  If one of our support team members needs to escalate, we have them set the ticket to a certain status.  After the ticket is in that status for 5 minutes, the action is set in the rule for the ticket to move back to our incoming issues board.  With good notes in the ticket, our team can now assign an escalation person or assign the ticket to another resource.   This is one of the best action items Connectwise has built.  **Be careful- the ticket takes the default status of the board it hops to.


  • There is no Negative value in rule creation-  This drives our team crazy.  If Connectwise could put in a value that was “NOT =” or “NOT” we could RIP UP the workflows into something even more amazing.  WE have learned to work around the formula creation without this basic programming command.  We do not understand why it is not included- but we want it!

This blog is pretty brief on a very broad subject.  I am testing the waters to see how many users out there comment and are looking for some input on this subject. I hope to hear back from you guys on what is working for you with Workflow Rules and possibly being able to help one another!

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