The formation of a scalable- functional AppDev department…

We are redefining our Application Development business line.  I have been asked to head up the efforts to sort out the bodies and set solid direction.  There are so many places to look, so much to digest.  I believe we have been able to break down our needs into a few core pillars:

  • What is our development philosophy
  • What SDLC model do we use
  • What type of work are we looking for
  • What skill sets does the team have
  • What skills will we need
    • Now
    • Next year
    • In 3 years
  • What tools do we use to:
    • Code
    • Define Scope
    • Communicate with clients
    • Define and track projects

We are currently trying to understand the difference in SDLC and development philosophy.  I am not sure what the difference is in Water Fall vs. Agile.  We understand the concepts- I would think Agile is a philosophy where Waterfall is a methodology for execution. 

It is apparent that our current project tracking systems in Connectwise were not built for the type of projects an application development team executes.  We would like to explore Base Camp and some other interactive, web based project management systems.

One of the most important parts of this will be the examination of our team and what they can do.  In order for the rebuild to work, we will need to focus on the abilities of the team and define where we can generate the most opportunity for our dollars.  We absolutely need to get a skills inventory from each member and focus on how that will define the line of business. 

Very exciting-  More to come….

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